Beautycounter Morning Routine: How to Take Care of Your Skin in Your 30s

So maybe you got away with eating Taco Bell through college and the occasional spritz of drugstore sunscreen. In my experience, life after 30 is when shit’s just starting to get good! My skin though? Not so much.

After I turned 30, I started looking tired all the time. My undereye circles got darker even when I stayed in all weekend to sleep and watch FRIENDS reruns, I got these weird bumps that didn’t know if they wanted to be pimples or just clogged pores. And no matter how much I lathered on moisturizer, I’d wake up to sad, parched skin. Almost all of my Beautycounter clients echo these same problems. So let me reiterate once again: Girl, it’s not you. It’s them (your 30s). Your 30s are an interesting time for your skin because it’s when you first start to see early signs of aging, but you’re not quite ready to turn into your mother and shop at the same department store makeup counter as her yet.

I get it. The Rejuvenation line is Beautycounter’s anti-aging skin care line, while the Countermatch line is geared toward adequate hydration and age prevention. Blend these two lines together and you get one hell of a skin care routine for your 30s! Check out the morning routine below: