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Welcome to Freckles On Point. I’m Lydia!

Clean beauty has been my M.O. for most of my adult life, thanks to an unforgiving combination of eczema and sensitive skin.

I also have freckles – or flaws according to traditional Asian beauty standards. (You can read my personal story with that here.) Having grown up both in the predominantly white suburbs of Washington D.C. and in Asia, I’ve learned that beauty is experienced very differently across cultures. But I also know what it feels like when the beauty industry’s own limitations can make you feel flawed or very much “the other.”

And let’s be real: Women of color are often left out of the Clean Beauty Movement.

That’s not okay. Women of color are exposed to more chemicals in beauty products than white women. So while the American beauty industry inches its way to becoming safer and more inclusive overall, I’m not holding my breath. And neither should you.

Their company mission is to get safer products in the hands of everyone. And as an independent Beautycounter consultant, I intend to uphold my end of that deal. Because everyone means everyone.